Hidya Sahid

Meet our Birth Ambassador, Hidya, who is passionate about holistic mental wellness, birth, breastfeeding, women and babies. She believes that the heart of a thriving family is when a mother is well-loved and cared for by the collective support of a mindful and nurturing tribe. 

Her interest in functional food/medicine and women’s health has led her to constantly explore strategies to help her clients optimize their pregnancies, working towards achieving good and safe birthing experiences.

Hidya loves her work and dedicates a portion of her time helping unsupported mothers and their partners in need.

Her training background includes: Pre/Postnatal Yoga, Nutrition, Fitness and Recovery, Bodywork, Counselling, Holistic Newborn Care, Breastfeeding, among others.

Off doula duty, Hidya is a perpetual playground medic and peace negotiator for her favorite little people. She enjoys the occasional dark chocolate, vegan treats, reading, mindful walks and exploring the urban-forest trails of sunny Singapore.



Childbirth Educator | Doula | Therapist