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Childbirth Education:
Private | Group | Refresher

You wouldn't want to go to the hospital without any birth knowledge!

Join our comprehensive Childbirth Prep Course, specially curated for parents-to-be, whether you're a First-timer or Experienced. 

Get informed with the latest updates, especially within the local (Singapore) birthing scene.

Learn useful and practical knowledge on how you can support your loved one during her pregnancy, labor and postpartum.

Expect an interactive learning experience and plenty of hands-on activities. 

Our class size is always kept small to keep it conducive and cozy.

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Comprehensive Childbirth Preparation Course

Private & Customized Classes:
Please contact us for more details

Group Classes:
2 - 4 couples max.

Group A
6 x Sundays (10am - 1.30pm)

Group B
6 x Saturdays (2pm - 5.30pm)

- More details coming soon -


1 x Zoom Consultation (30min) upon completion

Watch This Space!

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